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Monday, 22 June 2009

Winning Results of Mail $1,000,000.00 Pending!

Winning Results of Mail $1,000,000.00 Pending!
Thammawong, Sanya Winning Results - Please Confirm‏!
from Please Reply By June 23 (
To ensure that you NEVER miss an important prize notification from FreeLotto, please add to your address book. WHY?
Dear Sanya Thammawong,
You are receiving this message because you joined FreeLotto on Wednesday June 17th, 2009, from IP Address When you registered you agreed to receive messages from FreeLotto. FreeLotto NEVER sends JUNK or SPAM messages. We never send mail to anyone unless they requested it when they registered. If you somehow didn't understand that you were agreeing to receive messages from us at the time you joined PLEASE CLICK HERE TO BE PERMANENTLY REMOVED FROM OUR LIST. In doing so you will also cancel your FreeLotto membership and you will no longer be eligible to play FreeLotto or receive up to $11,000,000.00 in daily prizes. We regret any inconvenience.Thank you,FreeLotto Member Services
DATE: 20/6/2009 TO: Sanya Thammawong Catholic, 47130 th RE: Paid & Pending Check Release Notification
Sanya, Division of Unclaimed Funds, created by PNI to locate individuals with eligible funds available to them. PNI, a global provider of online sweepstakes has awarded over $85,000,000 (eighty-five million in US dollars) to hundreds of thousands of fortunate recipients in 41 countries; creating 16 millionaires and 4 Ten Million Dollar Winners. Sanya Thammawong OF Sakolnakorn, the prize below may be yours to claim. Review the official listing to the right to determine if you are eligible.
Name City, Country Amount Status
William Herriott Glasgow, UK $1,000,000.00 PAID
Sanya Thammawong Sakolnakorn, th $300.00 PENDING
Roger B. Lancaster, USA $300.00 PENDING
Claudio Segneri Roma, Italy $50,000.00 PAID
Clair Held Sao Paulo, Brazil $300.00 PAID
Sanya Thammawong Sakolnakorn, th $1,000,000.00 PENDING
Esther Yoon Toronto, Canada $100,000.00 PAID
Ariel J. Las Vegas, USA $10,000.00 PENDING
Kenneth Barker Benidorm, Spain $300.00 PAID
Gareth Connors Kingswood, Australia $50,000.00 PAID
M.K. Basha Delhi, India $10,000,000.00 PAID
Sanya, if you're on the list, please complete your Payment Directive Form on the following page. Eligibility requirement: You must submit a winning entry and verify your PIN # 164956845. It assures you, that upon submitting the winning entry in accordance with the rules of FreeLotto, using the convenient F.A.S.T. service or free online entry Sanya Thammawong and only Sanya Thammawong will be paid $1 Million (One Million Dollars) in the Classic FreeLotto Game or other cash that you shall become entitled to. Click here to validate and complete your prize payment directive:...
How can I Do?
What is it? from

$1,000,000.00 Jackpot 20 39 45 47 50 51
Win a Car 10 12 32 34 05 09
Pay Off Your Mortgage 01 02 20 39 07 08
$10,000.00 FastCASH 13 18 02 21 31 32
$100,000.00 Giveaway 30 39 04 40 47 07
$10,000,000.00 SuperBucks 18 28 35 38 39 45 49

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